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Prix BioTransfert 2011

The Fondation Biotech Montréal is pleased to announce that Drs. Jamshid Tanha and Alain Moreau were awarded the BioTransfer Awards 2011 at the November 3, 2011 ceremony.

The Fondation wishes to thank all of their guests and partners for their participation and support to this event, which took place on November 3, 2011 at the Maison des Gouverneurs.

  View a few photos of the evening.  

logo for the BioTransfer Awards

The Crossroad for BioTransfer 2011

The Crossroad for BioTransfer is an annual meeting that showcases licensing opportunities in the health technology portfolios from the NRC, McGill University and Gestion Univalor. The event provides a unique one-stop venue for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, entrepreneurs and the venture capital community to gain access to intellectual property emerging from research intensive universities and research institutes. It is an outstanding forum for stakeholders to identify technology that promise to advance their drug discovery capability and enhance their product portfolio.


  • To provide a central meeting point for technology transfer professionals and business leaders from the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical sector, and venture capital community;
  • To foster building relationships and commercial endeavours between research intensive centers and the private sector.


The three co-organizers of The Crossroad for BioTransfer are premier organizations with solid track record of research and marketable innovation. Together they represent thousands of investigators engaged in cutting edge research in life sciences and a research budget totalling hundreds of millions of dollars. For the event, they showcase health technologies in the following specialty areas:

  • Novel biopharmaceuticals broadly defined as "the convergence of biotechnologies and pharmaceutical science for the development of clinical candidates discovered or produced using biotechnology including chemical entities, vaccines, biologics and biomarkers for therapeutics and diagnostic purposes";
  • Technology platforms for drug discovery, development, production and covering applications such as protein expression, drug delivery and gene markers.

Who Should Attend

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical professionals, business development executives, early stage companies, entrepreneurs and venture capital community seeking to expand, grow or start up new ventures.

Past events

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